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How we operate

We form strategic relationships with businesses to assess their current status of internal procedures and strategies, and improve the overall operation and performance of their company.  While this is often thought to focus on manufacturing or production, the scope of BlueHorizon CFO management consulting is broader than that and even businesses that are service-based rather than product-based can benefit from our expertise. 

The evaluation process will normally begin with our team examining the workflow structure of the business. This begins with the structure and division of labor among the management of the company and moves on to the various divisions and departments and how they relate to one another to ultimately supply customers with goods or services and a great experience. 

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The idea is to understand how each component your business currently impacts that process, directly or indirectly. Once we have a firm grasp on how things are done currently, as well as the reasons behind those procedures and organizational structures, we can then begin to offer advice on how to enhance various operational functions. This involves noting existing procedures and strategies that serve the interests of the company very well, while also noting areas where there is room for improvements that would enhance the already strong points of the operation.  This can also include change management assistance, development of coaching skills, development and implementation of performance management, technology implementation and strategy development. 

After coming to a consensus on what must be done, the next phase of the process is usually implementation of the changes determined to be necessary. Here, we may be actively or passively involved in the process. We can remain present for the duration of the implementation process, offering advice and assistance along the way, or we can remain available to you but not be involved in the day to day implementation of the changes.

Our practice areas

  • Part Time CFO Services

  • Digital Finance Solutions

  • Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Cash Management Solutions

  • Customer Experience Labs

  • Contact Center Services

  • Performance Management

  • Organizational Effectiveness

  • Talent Acquisition & Executive Search

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