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Kevin Blaxton

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Service has been the forefront of Kevin’s life. A former Captain and Chief Officer Management Division at the US Army, he was later recruited in Finance and held numerous executive positions at international companies such as Dell, Disney, Express Scripts and others. Most recently as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for a private equity backed company Kevin oversaw the business valuation multiple grow to 13x. Today his talent and years of experience come to serve small to mid-market size companies achieve financial success through innovative solutions and highly skilled professional consulting.

Kevin holds a Master’s of Business Administration degree, is a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Global Management Accountant.

Greg Friedman

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Greg built a career in Operations as a Senior Leader and has used his expertise and business acumen to help organizations enhance operations and drive them towards success both operationally and financially.  Greg is passionate about improving organizational and operational excellence by building high performing teams to drive company success.    His leadership style drives Employee Engagement and significantly improves Customer Experience on all measures.  His tenure at Priority Healthcare saw a small company grow exponentially and become a successful part of Express Scripts Holdings Co.  Most recently, Greg held the position of Vice President for Centene’s Specialty Pharmacy and was responsible for a major turn around and successful launch into the Hepatis market.

Greg is a graduate of Broward College and the University of Florida where he studied Business Administration.

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