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"When you hire our candidates, they will be natural fits for your organization. They will be easy to engage. They will be excited and share your vision and goals."
Kevin Blaxton, CPA
Founder & CEO

Find Top 5% Talent

We define top talent as a natural fit for their role and we work diligently to place accounting and financial candidates in roles that provide them with opportunity to do what they do best.

This ensures your hire achieves top performance.

The financial world is rapidly changing with the explosion of technology.  Think advances in Robotics and Machine Learning.  It’s not good enough to hire accounting and finance professionals based on technical skills only. 

Top 5% talent are life learners, embrace technology and have the soft skills to collaborate and communicate in your organization. 

Top 5% talent fit naturally with your culture and your strategy.

By focusing on targeted search in the hidden market we create a truly rewarding experience for both you the hiring manager and the candidate.  When you are both happy and aligned it creates top results and lifts the performance of others.

Bad hires occur when the candidate doesn’t align to either your culture or your strategy.  A bad hire is costly to your business in terms of revenue, brand, lost customers, etc.   

This frequently occurs when companies rely on outsourced recruiters that place ads on third party sites.  They are basically giving a shotgun blast and matching keywords from resumes to your job spec. 

It’s the wrong way to find top talent because Top 5% finance talent doesn’t place their resumes on third party sites.

Instead, we take the approach of following candidates throughout their careers and building lifelong relationships. 

Our research shows that less than 5% of applicants will be the best fit for any position they apply to.

Find Top 5% Finance Talent Now

To tap into the Top 5%, we look beyond the basics.    

Beyond having the skills, right attitude, and being capable, our recruiting philosophy is based on our formula for placing candidates that will be a natural fit and top performer in your organization.

  1. We recruit for Talent
  2. We recruit for Engagement
  3. We recruit for Life Learners

We look for passion in our candidates.  It’s the passion or desire to dress up, show up, and do their best work for you.

“When you hire our candidates, they will be natural fits for your organization.  They will be easy to engage.  They will be excited and share your vision and goals,”  Kevin Blaxton, CPA, Founder 

We don’t work with everyone.  We are selective in the candidates and companies we approach.  We are in it for the long game.

There are many boutique and national search firms that hire recruiters who have never worked a day in accounting or finance.  We are not that firm.  It’s difficult to relate to a client company and candidate when the recruiter as no background in accounting or finance. 

These ‘specialty’ firms cannot truly evaluate the potential of a candidate.  Nor can they speak your language, nor will they really understand your goals in the hire.

When you work with our firm you get the Top 5% accounting and finance talent guaranteed.  

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