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Finance and Accounting Talent

From Startups to established publicly traded companies.

Our Network of Talented Candidates

Our network of talented candidates is on the cutting edge of finance and technology.  Our candidates represent the Top 5% in their industries. 

Top business and financial acumen form collaborative teams across your organization to drive innovation and ROI.  Simply put, our candidates are the best of the breed.

Increase Your Competitive Edge Today

For business to be able to compete in today’s competitive market their accounting and finance organizations need top talent. Having the expertise and years of experience is not enough to keep organizations competitive. 

Our candidates are well versed in Data Science to produce meaningful and insightful recommendations to the executive team. They enable the organization to not only maintain a healthy balance sheet but also capitalize on opportunities to further grow your business. 

Gone are the days where financial professionals were purely putting together financial statements and budgets and primarily focused on reporting, planning, and transactional services.

Top 5% Finance talent

Find Top Finance Talent that fits your company’s culture.  Our talented recruiters have helped leading organizations land the top candidates at a fraction of the cost.

Let us use our 30 years experience to help you find the best talent

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Talent Pool Game Changer

The rapid spread technological changes have been a game changer in this space for many financial professionals.  It not only gives the candidates more choices but if leveraged correctly it gives our client companies a competitive advantage. 

Our candidates are respected leaders in their fields and have many certifications.  They think like a CEO and business owner.  Your success is their success and those are the candidates we focus on developing throughout our continued professional relationships with them. 

In a way, we are sort of like sports agents but for the top accounting and finance professionals in the technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and hospitality industries. 

Many of our candidates are well versed in the latest technologies and have incorporated digital finance initiatives in their current organizations to eliminate non-value add activities and improve the decision-making analytics of the organizations to compete and win.

Why BlueHorizon CFO?

We have an extensive network of executives and finance professionals that are gainfully employed by top organizations.  They are passive job seekers but because we have maintained great relationships with them they are open to hearing about new opportunities.

While many of our clients have previously utilized other retained search firms or they have posted on sites such as Indeed, Career Builder, and others, they have fallen short in finding the right talent to meet their objectives. 

When that has happened, they have come to us to fill the gap and find candidates that not only exceed their business objectives but reduce the cost of talent churn in their organizations.

The unfortunate part is that before they have retained us they had already spent tens of thousands of dollars only to be presented with candidates that look good on paper but either don’t fit into their company culture or the candidate they wanted declined their offer. 

This can be very frustrating when a client previously engaged a name brand search firm only to find they were a resume pusher.   

BlueHorizon CFO is not just a recruiting firm!  We are your business partner and we focus on the long game in getting your organization the right talent that fits your company culture and ensures your business achieves a high ROI on the hire. 

Moreover, we are not a retained search firm and will not require installment payments during our search.  You only pay us if you select one of our candidates and we also offer a money back guarantee. 

We are sure you will be more than satisfied with the talent we present to you.  The toughest choice will be which one of these great candidates to select. 

Why pay for attrition when you can get success-based culture fit candidates at the start?

Find Top 5% Finance Talent Now!

Our clients range from Start Ups to NYSE traded companies.  

We have honed the recruiting and screening process to put culturally and technically fit candidates in companies that create win-win situations for both our client companies and our candidates.

Reach out to one of our recruiters today and we will get started immediately on finding the right talent to exceed your business goals.

Our Recruiting Process

We have developed and maintained an extensive Executive Talent Database of thousands of professionals. 

We have maintained regular contact with highly talented executives and emerging leaders in the accounting and finance space. 

BlueHorizon CFO has followed these highly talented individuals throughout their careers.  Our level of connection has created win-win outcomes for both our client companies and the candidates they have hired. 

Finance Candidate Search Funnel

As a management consulting and executive search company we meet regularly with new clients and built lasting relationships across a broad spectrum of organizations. 

We have a clear understanding of the talent requirements in today’s competitive talent market because we listen and get to know our clients. 

Our relationships with these firms gives us consistent insight and relevancy to the rapid changes in technology and organizational effectiveness.  We use this knowledge to further enhance the talent assets of our clients, so they can leverage the best of breed to become World Class Organizations. 

Our search process is based on our Best of Breed Candidate Relationship Funnel.  Our funnel is a systematic approach for recruiting the Top 5% candidates

Executive Talent Database

Our Executive Talent Database consists of seasoned executives and accomplished emerging leaders.  Our network of recruiters has followed the careers of highly successful accounting and finance professionals and have built relationships with them along the way.

BlueHorizon CFO Association of Network Referrals

We continue to build and cultivate an exclusive community association of accounting and financial professionals that we leverage for referrals. 

Direct Recruiting

We recruit directly from companies in your industry regularly to establish long term relationships with candidates as part of our search funnel.  Our recruiters are experienced in establishing rapport with top candidates and getting their interest in new opportunities.

Find Top 5% Finance Talent now

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What to Expect From BlueHorizon CFO

BlueHorizon CFO, LLC makes the recruiting process easy and timely.  Our goal is to locate and recruit and the best qualified candidates in an expedient manner. 

Since we have a systematic funnel of Best of Breed Candidates this speeds up the process from search to selection.

4 Stage Phased Approach

Client Intake Profile

  • Conduct in-depth conversations with our clients to clearly ascertain the business culture and the strategic goals of the role.
  • Identify the backgrounds, experiences, technical qualifications, and soft skills required to be successful in this role through our partnership with you.
  • Create a client engagement letter of agreement that clearly defines the roles of our search, milestones, and expectations.


  • Coordinate interviews after they have been screened through our recruiters and work with the hiring manager on scheduling phone and on-site interviews.
  • Provide a slate of up to 4 candidates to interview.
  • Review and assess candidate with our client and agree on next steps (e.g. follow up interviews).
  • Obtain references from candidate and provide background info directly to our clients.


  • Provide our clients with market compensation parameters.
  • Assist with offer negotiations and provide additional relevant information before offer is made.
  • Advise candidates on acceptance process and assist them with the transition strategy

Follow Up

  • Contact our clients after 30 days, 90 days, and again in 180 days to assess satisfaction levels with new hire.
  • Monitor candidate’s achievements and progress to the outlined goals of the position that were agreed upon at the beginning of the search.
  • Maintain a close relationship with hiring manager and company as a business partner.

BlueHorizon CFO offers permanent placement solutions for accounting & finance professionals. Find out more today!

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