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Contact Center Solutions

Contact Centers are the front line of any organization.  The experiences that customers have when contacting you are usually what the customer knows and understands about your organization. 

There are many tools that can make this experience pleasurable for your customers which will increase Customer Satisfaction and keep your customers coming back. 

Making the most out of these tools and the information they provide will increase your call capacity, build employee engagement, improve employee performance, control expenses, and provide data to build revenue.

Our Specialties

Digital Signage

A key component to a successful call center is getting the information to the teams as quickly as possible. This enables them to react quicker and keep callers from holding for extended periods. This type of solution will also keep them engaged as the statistics are readily available and broadcast across the center. Digital Signage Solutions have other uses that can reduce the ROI on them. Uses for these can be from Human Resources, Marketing, Fulfillment, and Procurement to name just a few.

Call Reporting

Call routing is a way of directing traffic as it comes into your call software. Utilizing IVR technology, your calls can be directed quicker to the correct team or department and keep your customers satisfied by not keeping them on hold for an extended period. Developing the proper greetings and routes will reduce your ASA as well and enable your teams to handle more calls in less time. This can also reduce transfers initiated by customers who do not want to hold on for an extended period. Call routing is something that needs to be monitored and adjusted on a regular basis.

Auto Dialer

Make use of the latest technology that will reduce your FTE overhead, increase performance, and keep your representatives and sales teams busy. Using an Auto Dialer will increase the available time for answering calls for your teams. The system generates the calls, either leaves a message or routes live customers to your representatives. These systems are also capable of just delivering a predetermined message to your customers even when you are not in the office.

Computer Telephony Integration

CTI is a technology that allows interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated or coordinated. There are numerous advantages to using CTI. It allows representatives to be more efficient and can create call routing efficiencies by directing the incoming call directly to where it needs to go. These systems have the ability to bring up the callers file as it reaches the representative which reduces call handling time and is also used for personalization whereby the person answering the call can greet the caller by name. CTI systems can also control automatic dialing by the user when reaching out to a customer, again, reducing handling time and increasing productivity.


Getting the most out of your system, your people, and your processes, start with reporting. Without adequate reporting you are running blind as to how you are really performing. Real time reporting or close to real time reporting is a tool that will keep your teams up to the minute informed on how they are doing. Using captured data will tell you if your processes or improvements are working. Sharing data on how you are doing will keep employees engaged and leadership aware.

Optimize Your Contact Center

You already have a lot to manage - attrition, recruiting the best employees, cross-departmental collaboration, and achieving a high service level or ASA. Click the button below, and fill out our contact form, and we will schedule a free consultation.

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